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    Ascension Scanlations officially closing down.


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    Ascension Scanlations officially closing down. Empty Ascension Scanlations officially closing down.

    Post  Admin Sat Oct 01, 2011 2:44 am

    Hey guys. Sorry for the late response... i know that the group's been dead for a while now but i wasn't sure of what to do with the group... Anyway i started this group with the sole purpose of finishing manga's that were left unfinished by other groups... and i've finshed a coupled... When i first got into manga and i found some mangas that were almost finished... only a couple of chapters left to do... i kept bugging other groups to do them... but no group really listened to my pleas... so that's why i decided to this group myself. Even though i'm not a japanese/chinese translator and along the years i didn't have not even 1 translator in my staff... i succeeded in releasing 100 releases, mostly with help from friends from other groups and with joints. :p

    Anyway along the years i got my hands on a lot of raws french/italian/(english scans)/jap/chinese and translations in english for some manga's that are about to be finished... some of the raws are really hard to find... so what i want to do is give away what i've gathered to other groups that are willing to take up the projects. I'll make a list with what i've gathered so far in a new post inside this thread.
    You can check what i've gathered HERE.

    So, this mainly means Ascension Scanlations has closed down it's doors. Unfortunately i'm too busy to do anything right now so i'm asking other groups to take projects of my hands... At some point i maybe will release again... maybe... but even if i did most likely the releases will be very slow since i'm in my fourth year of college. I'll have to get a job... and do the masters for 2 years... so i'll be busy most likely in the future. I'm gonna leave this forum up and the mediafire links(which will be up forever unless mediafire changes it's policy).

    I'd like to thank all the people and the groups that helped me out all the while that i did scanlations.
    I'd name the people... but unfortunately i don't remember all your names :p there were a lot. So i'll just post the groups that did joints with my group: Endless Abyss, BLAH, KickTheKitty, Minna-Scan, Hells_Castle, Vagrant Scans, HAO, Helz0ne, Shi-Ki, Bakayarou, Jigoku, Illacrimo Imber Scans.
    Again, thank you to the groups that helped me out on my scanlations, and to the fans that joined irc and the forum and gave their thanks for the releases and supported the group, it was really fun while it lasted. And i'd like to remind to other groups that close down due to the fact that they don't have translators... IT IS possible to release projects without having a translator in your group.

    Yours faithfully,

    Ascension Scanlations officially closing down. Ss11

    Ascension Scanlations officially closing down. Empty Over 1000 views and no reply?

    Post  jamesofr Sat Jan 28, 2012 2:07 pm

    I couldn't just say nothing while one of my favorite groups shut down, I wanna personally thank you for all the work you've done I truly appreciate it. I wish you well in the future and I hope you go on too do great things! Jamesofrich[at]Gmail[dot]com

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