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    List of all our projects.


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    List of all our projects. Empty List of all our projects.

    Post  Admin Sat Jul 10, 2010 10:31 pm

    Number of chapters released so far: 101

    Series currently being worked on:
    Attack No. 1Volume 01 Chapter 001
    Burai Volume 03 Chapter 010
    Mahoromatic Volume 04 Chapter 004
    Ningen Kyouki KatsuoVolume 04 Chapter 030
    Nui!Volume 02 Chapter 005
    Rurouni Kenshin Volume 02 Chapter 009
    Shinsengumi Imon Peace Maker Volume 06 Special
    Spiral Alive Volume 04 Chapter 020
    Wolf's Rain Volume 01 Chapter 002
    XS Volume 05 Chapter 032
    Yubisaki Milk Tea Volume 06 Chapter 043
    Series currently on hold:
    Boku No Shotaiken Volume 01 Chapter 002
    Full Metal Panic! Comic Mission Volume 02 Special
    Kung Fu Tao Volume 02 Chapter 012
    Onidere Volume 01 Chapter 002
    The Legend Of MikazuchiVolume 03 Chapter 016
    Yo-uVolume 03 Chapter 001
    Dropped series:
    Full Metal Panic! SigmaVolume 02 Chapter 004Continued by Illuminati.
    King Of HellVolume 12 Chapter 005 Continued by KickTheKitty.
    SundomeVolume 06 Chapter 052Completed by Freak & Dirtbag.
    Ai Yori AoshiVolume 12 Chapter 097Completed by KickTheKitty.
    Buraiden GaiVolume 03 Chapter 016Completed by Endless-Abyss.
    GrenadierVolume 02 Chapter 009Completed by Furious Puppet.
    One Pound GospelVolume 04 Chapter 030Completed by KickTheKitty.
    RahXephonVolume 03 Chapter 013Completed by Illuminati.
    Completed series:
    A.I. Love You - Cinderella SpecialFinished.
    Cannon God ExaxxionFinished.
    King Of ThornsFinished.
    Spiral ~Suiri No Kizuna~ Finished.
    Tales Of Destiny Finished
    War AngelsHiatus
    Future (Maybe):
    Vulgar Ghost DaydreamDoctor!Chaos;HEAd HShattered Angels
    This Ugly Yet Beautiful WorldChaos;HEAd - Blue ComplexSoukou No StrainDark Walker
    Sci-Fi Harry The Comic100 Ways Of An ExorcistKami No Na WaGorio
    Cruel MasterSci-Fi HarryReally, Really! ~Remember Memories~Undead
    Escaflowne - Energist's MemoriesLegendary Leader ShouThe Wolf EyesTone
    HakkeyoiNoritakaToriko Aigan ShoujoNephylym
    Inukami!Blood RainAmaenaideyo!!Seven Of Seven
    JjangCronos HazeHappiness!Rebel Sword
    Kaleido Star ~Wings Of The Future~Moonlight CarnivalSleeping BeautyOni-Gokko
    Yu-Gi-Oh! RHell's AngelsNatsuiro GraffitiAvian Wander

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